Our Services

Steven James Media Group has expertise in the components that make up a comprehensive, effective campaign. There’s no need to deal with multiple agencies and redundant costs; we’ve got everything it takes, all under one roof.

Video Production

The Age of Information might be more accurately described as The Age of Imagery. Video production is a vital component of any organizational story in this day and age. Whatever medium you utilize, video likely plays a major part, and we are proud that our video production team is second to none.

Brand Alignment

In order to balance your objectives with your vision, SJMG assesses the overall quality and consistency of your professional branding to optimize each asset associated with your organization.

Content and Campaign Strategy

Each client has different organizational objectives, and SJMG will generate the most effective campaign strategy to amplify and magnify your core message. From initial conception to final distribution, we combine social media presence, SEO, graphic design, and website development with our video foundation for the ultimate new media impact.

Media Buys

Even if you've whipped up the best content, getting your product or service noticed across the board is imperative to your brand. With our experienced media buying professionals and industry relationships, SJMG has the knowledge to determine the best outlet for your intended audience, getting the most bang for your buck, all while conveying your story through the right channels.


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