Steven James Zdroik is a Wisconsin-born singer-songwriter who was lured to Los Angeles in the late ’80s by a promised publishing contract and he’s been a resident and frequent musical fixture of the City of Angel’s fumes ever since. His influences in his songs and delivery can be heard loudly on his sleeve, including the echoes of classic melodic brit-pop, and the snarl of early Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello. He prides himself on being a most wry observer. You can also detect the tinge of the bluesy country rock he’s always had a thing for, and you’ll hear a pinch of his current indie faves of bands like the Shins, the Dandy Warhols, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and the Avett Bros.

He is a veteran of past bands including Steven James and Jury, Cryin’ Out Loud and Beyond Belief, and his classic songwriting skills have been wonderfully showcased by his most recent lineup of musicians, although he has been on hiatus from performing live for the past year and a half.

In 2006 he self-released Get Up and Run, with his rock solid Steven James Band. The disc was a solid eleven song follow-up to 2003′s Life Starts Now, which featured such Steven James’ penned gems as “Snake Oil Salesman,” “Christina in the Mirror,” “Brennon Town,” and “Same Train.” Get Up And Run is more rocking than the previous release, and was also produced by Micheal Vail Blum. The collection of songs captured the tightening chemistry between him and hard-rocking guitarist Steve McKnight of Cry Wolf, along with the rhythm section of bassist Raymond Esparza and drummer Craig Spendlove (who was replaced by drummer Craig Frank after the release).

On Get Up and Run James shares songwriting credits on three tracks with guitarist McKnight, and the entire band puts their personal touches on every song, making it one of the most melodic rock CDs to come out of the LA rock scene that year.

Steve McKnight is an accomplished classicaly- trained guitarist of the hard rocking band Cry Wolf, while Raymond Esparza, Steven James’ is long-time cohort has numerous credits to his name including onetime member of the latin groove band Brotherhood, as well as Mr. James former projects over the past decade. Philadelphia native, drummer Craig Frank, has been pounding the skins for a long time and can also be caught playing country in LA area band Rockwood as well frequent other engagements when he’s needed.

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