Advertising is an Art

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About You

You’re a wise business owner and you want the very best. Your message matters which is why you won’t let just anyone tell your story. You need a company who intuitively understands your purpose, mission and goals in order to give your business the competitive edge it deserves. We’re listening. We get it.

You can trust Steven James to deliver.

Connecting experience and ideas



We are a rare collection of talented, Rochester based individuals, dedicated to creating quality video, photography, voice-over, post-production and media services. We are seasoned professionals who have honed their crafts in many areas: feature film production and distribution, private and public education, professional theatre, small business management, independent and corporate cinematography on a global scale and integrated marketing. We are experienced leaders in a variety of markets with the contacts, insights and expertise you need to succeed.

An idea factory



We are architects of ideas. We build with words, sound, light, video and a variety of digital media platforms. We are connoisseurs of relevant content, ready to craft your message and engage your audience. We continually research the latest trends and techniques in the industry while at the same time never losing focus of proven principles of excellence.

The bigger picture



There’s more than one way to tell your story.  Our mission is to choose the platforms that will unify your message and increase your exposure.  We have a robust palette to choose from: video, photography, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, social media and more.  One size does not fit all.  The Steve James Team will design a custom strategy tailored to meet and exceed your needs.  You’ll be well dressed and well-suited for the marketplace.

When you collaborate with Steven James, you access not one company but a wealth of passionate people, whose experience and network of expertise is second to none.

We’re here. We’re ready. Let’s get started.


Our First Step


The initial step in our process, the SJ team will research the markets, trends, and target demographics related to our clients’ goals.

Our Second Step


Utilizing our research and experience, SJ will prepare options for clients, helping them to make informed decisions as they proceed as planned or readjust strategies.

Our Third Step


When a strategy is agreed upon, Steven James will develop content in a collaborative fashion, keeping clients’ wants and needs paramount in the process.

Our Last Step


The SJ team will continue to work with clients from concept to market, refining message and method as needed, ensuring effective, result-oriented marketing campaigns.





Wildflower Trailer

Feature Film

Kevin McCorkle: Wildflower


Elevating Haiti


King’s Faith DVD Trailer

Feature Film

Alex Steele: Wildflower



Have questions? Contact the Steven James Team for more information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.