YouTube Experiments With New Explore Tool

YouTube, popular among approximately 1.3 billion people across the world, receives almost 30 million visitors per day and contains some of the most interesting content on the internet. You can find videos on everything from making the perfect pancake to mastering the guitar. With more than five billion videos watched every single day and an average age range of eight to 50, YouTube has one of the largest and most diverse audiences. With this comes endless possibilities for material, as every successful uploader on this platform thrives off of the fact that there are thousands, if not millions, of people tuning into their unique content. From beauty vloggers to parkour specialists, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

YouTube and Social Media App on iPhone

Explore Tool to Come

One thing YouTube is looking to master that most social media platforms are utilizing is the ability to surf each page for certain topics that are tailored to your interests. On Instagram, you have the discover page, for example… which is tailored content specifically for you based on what and who you follow. Twitter and Facebook also have similar algorithms. YouTube has recommended videos and/or “YouTubers” based on your history of videos, but they are planning to go above and beyond. YouTube has experimented with an “explore” feature on its app within the last year, which is a discovery tool aiming to introduce users to a diverse set of personalized recommendations. This will make finding new and fresh videos to watch, easier.

Youtube Trending

Is This Test Available?

The test is now available across a small percentage of phones and tablets with the YouTube app, including both iPhone and Android users, and has recently been updated to incorporate an algorithm specifically suggesting smaller, up-and-coming YouTubers in the explore tab. There is also talk about an “On the Rise” section, with some sort of cap on how many followers a creator can have in order to be in this category. This is a great way to gain exposure for new YouTubers looking to make a presence, though everything is still under trial. YouTube is looking to gain more feedback before making any final decisions about this new feature.

YouTube App on iPhone

There is Power in Video

There is no doubt that by implementing this “discover” tool, the YouTube experience will be more than supreme. It is evident how powerful the use of video is on and in our lives, and today’s most prominent social media creators continue to find ways to help their viewers explore. We too, at Steven James, are continuously finding new and creative ways to incorporate the power of video into your marketing strategy. Check out some of our work, then let us know when you’re ready to make your impact on the visual world.



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