Three Business Podcasts for 2019

Here are three podcasts for those with a business interest to continue following or to start checking out in 2019.  With podcast popularity booming, we’ll continue throughout the year to suggest some for both your professional and personal pleasure listening.  Stay linked into the Steven James blog and we’ll be sure to give you some excellent fodder for your podcast needs!

RAISING THE BAR.  This podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurs and hits all topics business-related.  This doesn’t simply include analytics, bottom lines, and spreadsheets (although it may), but it also digs into how to structure your life-work balance and all kinds of cool business tangential tributaries that don’t initially come to mind for newer entrepreneurs (or anyone who simply has an interest in business).  It’s founded by entrepreneurs Alli Webb and Michael Landeaus.  They are successful entrepreneurs themselves with the wildly successful salon franchise Drybar.  They share their experiences and interview many other business owners across a wide array of career fields.  At times, they are accused of fighting like brother and sister – which may be attributed to the fact that they are brother and sister.

MARKETING SCHOOL.  Eric Siu and Neil Patel are marketing industry insiders whose method is to provide professional tips and wisdom that are — more often than not — out of step with the conventional marketing advice.  They create a podcast that airs every day for ten minutes, packed with precious ideas and actionable items that can get you rolling and building momentum right for the start.  They even provide notes to the podcast in case the ten-minute time frame doesn’t align with one of your windows of opportunity.  But if you decide that it’s a ten-minute block that you can’t be without, you won’t be the first to become an avid student in the Marketing School!

ONLINE MARKETING MADE EASY.  This audio gem was developed by Amy Porterfield for small online business owners.  It helps clarify marketing strategies and assists entrepreneurs who are dealing with the 101 issues that can feel like a tsunami when you’re trying to get your online enterprise off the ground.  Porterfield does a great job at providing manageable – and tangible – strategies that can be implemented without unreasonable time drains or a huge marketing budget.  It’s just what the digital business owner needs who is trying to start an online operation.

Coming soon, we’ll share more podcasts for your personal interest and entertainment!  At Steven James, we know the importance of putting some entertainment in your business and some business in your entertainment!  When you need to reach an audience of any size, give us a call and we’ll help!



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