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With the beautiful weather finally gracing Western New York and the season of wandering soon upon us, we asked our Steven James staff for some of their favorite destinations to visit, whether they be right outside our backdoor or across an ocean — or in the ocean!  We actually received answers for each of these categories!


Josh:  Austin, Texas.  This was a bittersweet response as our much appreciated compatriot is taking his talents to the capital of the Lone Star state.  Austin is a fantastic town with a ton of creative energy and very cool people, and it is about to gain even more of the same when Josh and his girlfriend Marissa land there!  Maybe Josh will eventually be our lead point person for Steven James Southwest!  Good luck and safe travels, Josh!


Katie: “My favorite summer get-away is anywhere on the open water, sailing with my husband.  We’ve done our sailing primarily on the coast of New England, but I’d be happy anywhere the wind would take us.  Sailing is great because it is 90% sitting back and relaxing and 10% challenge & adventure- which, in my opinion, is the perfect mix!”



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Jeremy: “Outside of Ellsworth, Maine, my grandparents live on Gram Lake, and have lived there for many years.  I spent every summer there as a child.”






Nate: Wengen, Switzerland.  Nate vacationed to Wengen in 2012 and had a fantastic trip.  And if a picture says a thousand words, this fine video Nate shot says a million!


Chris:  Emerald Isle, NC.  Chris and family spent some memorable summer vacations here.  It’s between the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) and the Outer Banks.  Some people choose it as an alternative to the Outer Banks and have it listed as one of the greatest beaches on the eastern Atlantic shore.


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Hayley: “Mine would be my yearly summer weekend trip to Narragansett, Rhode Island. It all started from my mom seeing one of her college friends post on social media, so we decided to take a trip ourselves. Three years later and we’re still keeping our mother and daughter weekend tradition alive.”





Brian: “The University of Notre Dame campus because it is the most beautiful campus with the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, and the Grotto. Plus being my alma mater, there are definitely some good memories I associate with it.”






Paul: “I love taking a day-trip or a long weekend to Toronto.  It’s a world-class city with a ton of summer fun from festivals to concerts to great theatre (after London’s West End and Broadway, it’s the biggest English-speaking theatre district in the world).  T-Town has the Blue Jays, schooners on the lake, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and many other activities, but my favorite thing to do is urban hike the different neighborhoods. ”



Brianna: “For me, summer is all about weekend adventures. One of my favorite places to visit is Lake Placid in the Adirondacks. Each summer, I tackle a few of the 46 high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. The town is quaint and full of good shopping and better food, too!”





Jim: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  This an absolutely beautiful area on the ocean that holds all the charm of the Mid-Atlantic seaboard: inviting landscapes, warm ocean waters, terrific seafood, and a thousand things to do for every taste.  Whether you want to relax, fine dine, go clubbing, or action adventure activities, Rehoboth Beach has something for you.







Abbey: “My favorite summer destination is our family’s property in the southern tier town of Woodhull. We call it ‘The Farm.’  Ponds for fishing, plenty of hiking trails. ATV rides, bonfires, fireworks, and good old fashioned quality family time make it the perfect summer hideaway!”


Sharon:  Finger Lakes

Growing up, all of our family vacations were on the Finger Lakes.  We would rent a cottage from one of my father’s colleagues and boat, fish, swim, water ski  and soak in the sun.  I spent many a lazy day floating on a tube or raft thinking very big thoughts.  As I grew older, I discovered a sacred truth:  God told Noah to build a vineyard and he did; so did many others on the Finger Lakes.  ( Heron Hill and Dr. Frank’s are personal favorites.)  We have continued the tradition and have brought our children back to the Finger Lakes; camping, cottaging (#KunkelWord) or in motels.  Even in the pouring rain, we have enjoyed the gift of time together in our happy place. This year we’ve rented a cottage on Keuka Lake for a week.  The youngest is 21 so we are excited to add a family wine tour to our adventures.


We hope our favorite destinations sparked some ideas for you!  Be sure to make the Steven James offices on Water Street a destination of yours when you need to tell the story or message of your company or agency!  We’d love to discuss possibilities!

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