St. Paul Quarter- Rochester, NY

If you’re not familiar with this part of downtown Rochester, St. Paul Quarter is one of the many places in the city that holds a rich history. St. Paul Quarter is a downtown neighborhood once known as the “Clothier’s Row,” and used to be the center of Rochester’s ready-made men’s clothing industry, from the 1890’s to the mid-twentieth century. As most of the buildings were constructed during the Industrial Revolution, these loft-style buildings served as works paces accommodating heavy machinery, between tall ceilings and massive beams. St. Paul Quarter still has in-tact city blocks of these buildings!

Some of the factories in the area included garment manufacturers, tool and die shops, button factories, and much more. Though these companies no longer exist in SPQ, the character and style of this part of town remain untouched and unchanged- these buildings still contain the high ceilings, brick walls, and large multi-paned windows they once were known for.

With all of the history here, the community seems to only be growing. The St. Paul Quarter is now home to hundreds of residents, having modern apartment complexes and loft-style living. This has become quite the popular area,  leading to an increase in demand for restaurants, bars, pubs, entertainment, etc. This community is on the rise and we, at Steven James are proud to be a part of it.

A Story Worth Telling

Preserving this community and bringing this area together is extremely important to us. We want to tell the story of St. Paul Quarter, and we want to be part of the history that generations down the line will tell. From all different corporations, businesses, restaurants, and entertainment, we truly believe that uniting as a community will shine a light not only onto St. Paul Quarter but to the city of Rochester as a whole.

For this reason, we want to get all of us together. We are putting forth a team of planners from our agency to brainstorm and formulate a block party, a great way to get all of us in the same place at the same time, right here on Water St. We want you to help us! If you are a business of any kind in the St. Paul Quarter area and are interested in attending this meeting, please contact for details. We would love to have you.

Every business that operates in the St. Paul Quarter area has and can play a role in the making of a truly special and unique community. Being a company on the block, we want to bring what we have to offer to the table: the art of story telling. By simply talking, laughing, communicating and engaging, we have the power to keep the story of SPQ alive and growing! If you want to be apart of this endeavor, please do not hesitate to contact us.  You are part of the St. Paul Story too!  #SPQ

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