St. Paul Quarter Foodie Finds

Ever since we moved here to our location on Water Street in January 2017, we have been itching to find other small businesses near us. Because of this, we are so excited to be apart of St. Paul Quarter. Not only are we discovering other companies thriving in the area, but we are also discovering one of the most vital components to any set of productive employees: good food. We are so excited to share with you our “St. Paul Quarter Foodie Finds.”

As you may have seen before, here at Steven James, we have what’s called #WhatsForLunchWednesday. We have made it our mission to refuel as a company together every Wednesday, and to show off the wonderful places around the St. Paul Quarter that we may try. Interested to see what’s near?

Pane Vino On The River

With this Italian-American restaurant right next door to our office, there’s no denying that these people know us by name. Whether we are sitting down to dine or ordering in, Pane Vino is one of our go-to lunch spots. They pride themselves in serving the freshest ingredients and made to order meals (our favorite being the Caprese Panini). Check out their full menu on their website.

Funk ‘N Waffles

Right across the street, we welcome Funk ‘N Waffles, a very unique and exciting take on the famous breakfast meal. As stated in their bio, the locally owned business was created by students for students, and collaborates music and food to bring the community together. They focus mainly on assortments of different kinds of waffles, from the traditional waffle with syrups to waffles with pulled pork on top. If you haven’t stopped in yet, you should definitely check this place out!

Scotland Yard Pub

Over on the other side of the street is Scotland Yard Pub, serving everything from your typical American favorites to your specialty burgers, sandwiches, and the famous fish and chips dinner. The Pub has many annual events to attend, and brings in live entertainment on different days of the week. Overall, you get the fix you need right here!

Abbotts at The Kitchen

Craving a combination of Abbott’s custard and  mozzarella sticks? Look no further! At Abbotts at The Kitchen, you get whatever meal, appetizer, or snack you could want with access to Abbott’s custard at the same place. Satisfy all your needs at once! We love this combination, knowing we can get our fix of sweetness any time we need it.

With all of these amazing options, our #WhatsForLunchWednesday has been thriving!

But, we want to hear from you. Tweet us or tag us on Facebook with your favorite lunch spot, including the hashtag #WhatsForLunchWednesday.

Not only are we excited to be apart of the St. Paul Quarter story, but we want to help YOU tell your story. Contact us today to find out how. Happy Dining!



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