St. Paul Quarter Block Party 2017

We have some very exciting news for those of you that live and work in the St. Paul Quarter:  The 1st Annual SPQ Block Party 2017 is now official.  We’ve gathered some of the great businesses in the area and we’ve been planning. Here’s what’s happening with the St. Paul Quarter Block Party 2017.


This year’s block party is going to consist of the local businesses in the St. Paul Quarter area, as well as the residents of the local apartment complexes/buildings.  We’re hoping to open the party to the general public next year after we get all our ducks in a row this year!


The block party is going to be a great way to visit the different business in SPQ and get some information on each. You and your friends will travel to each location, get your card signed.  Visit all the locations and you’ll be entered into our awesome #SPQ raffle.


The block party will be on Sunday, October 8th from 1 pm to 3:00 pm.


Here is a map of where everything is going to be happening. The event is going to start off at the Steven James office at 189 N. Water St.  and will go throughout SPQ to wherever  card takes you! You will hit some of the local businesses in the area and places to live and get to know SPQ in a brand new way.


We decided to propose this block party idea because the St. Paul Quarter has been and still is a wonderful area with a lot to offer the community and the city as a whole and if we’re honest, it’s a great way to introduce Steven James.  We thought of having a ribbon cutting ceremony but a block party seemed like more fun.  As a fairly new business to the SPQ area, we wanted to get to know all of our neighbors and make sure that all our neighbors knew each other. We are truly a unique area that is worth exploring and getting-to-know! We are hoping that this block party not only brings people together but brings the beauty of business and community together. The story of SPQ and those who call this place home is definitely one worth telling.

We can’t wait to see you! If you have any questions or concerns, please email Have a story of your own you want to tell? We can help.



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