Social Media Trends: How to Build Credibility Online

Have you ever wondered how some people accumulate thousands of likes on their social media posts? In our fast-paced digital world, new strategies for monetizing online are constantly being developed. One of the more recent ways to make money in the online world is by becoming an influencer on social media. But what exactly does that mean, and how can someone make money simply by posting on Instagram a few times a week and promoting a free product? It turns out, social media influencers have learned the key to having a successful online presence: credibility.

Why Credibility Matters

There’s a reason people follow influencers; they have gained the trust of their audience by only promoting products that support their brand, and by posting content that is relevant to the audience they want to reach. This supports the concept that consistency creates trust, and trust from your audience gives power to your content. Once you have established a following, your content can be used to tell a story, send a message and stir conversation like never before.

Moral Of The Story? Post With Intent.

So, how does a social media presence make that jump to the next level? Sure, we all want to be paid for promoting free stuff on our Instagram, but credibility is also necessary when it comes to posting as a business. Before sending out a new piece of content, ask yourself: “Is this post showing my audience an insight into my business or reflecting consistency in my brand?”


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