Social Media Trends For 2018

There is just so much to say about social media and how much it has impacted people and businesses over the past couple years. With this said, if your business is not on social media now,  2018 is the year! In 2018, time on social media platforms will increase. This means that you will need to boost your online engagement. How do you do that you say? Well here are some social media trends for 2018 to keep an eye on so you can get ahead of the game.

Instagram Stories

What’s the first thing you do when you open Instagram? You look at Instagram stories. Just over the past year or so Instagram stories have far surpassed Snapchat. There are so many extra features that Instagram story has and it’s only going to improve. For example, being able to add links to your stories. Instagram has over 200 million daily users and is growing fast so what better social media platform to be on. If you use Instagram story right you can make your followers feel like they personally know you just through video. This is HUGE! Learn more about how Instagram story can help you build your brand.

And We’re Live

Most people on their personal or business pages don’t really take advantage of live streaming. In this case, it’s not really about “going live”, it’s more so about taking advantage of all the new technology. The smartphones today are better than ever! The speed is better, the camera is better, the features already built into the phones make the creative mind soar. Live streaming is a medium of the social media world that will take advantage of technology improvements for years to come. The live streaming train is leaving the station and your business should get a first class ticket! Here are more reasons why you should “go live”.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Twitter hasn’t been as popular over the past couple years. Social media trends for 2018 say that Twitter’s downward slope may continue unless that revamp their platform. Most people are very visual and Twitter, as most know, is mainly text. They need to make some big changes to stay relevant, as they have the slowest growing social media platform. Needless to say, if your trying to grow your business in 2018 Twitter is not the way to go.


Social media trends for 2018 predict that time on social media platforms will increase. This can only mean that you will need to improve your online presence this upcoming year. We at Steven James would love to help you get started, contact us today!



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