Three Easy Ways To Up Your Social Media Strategy

social mediaManaging your business’s social media page can prove to be both a challenging and time-consuming task. Between choosing which platform to focus on and figuring out what (and when) to post, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  Here are three strategies to consider that might help to make things a little easier:

Go In With A Game Plan

Creating an editorial calendar each month will help you stay efficient with your posting. Though it may seem tedious at first, it will make all the difference in the quality and success of your posts. Having a game plan will also ensure that you have a healthy posting variety. When thinking about what you want to post, be sure that you have a healthy rotation of topics, and type of post. A few examples of posts types are articles, videos, and graphics.

Showcase Consistent Branding

Each post that you create should be a reflection of your company’s brandsocial media. Determine a branding guide for yourself and stick to it. An easy way to do this is to choose specific colors and fonts to work with. This will improve your overall aesthetic and help increase brand recognition among your target audience.


Optimize Your Pages

Be sure that there is no information missing from your page. Fill in every description, story, or contact box that you can. This will help the overall success of your page as well as make sure that people find relevant and interesting information about you once they get there. Optimizing your page also includes making sure that you drive visitors somewhere that is beneficial to you. For example, your website, a landing page, or another social platform.

Is your business putting enough focus on this important marketing tactic? If the answer is no, contact us today so we can help!





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