Social Media Marketing Trends For 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends For 2019We all know that the social media marketing world is constantly changing, which means that marketing companies have to be prepared for what is coming next. It is already looking as if 2019 is going to be a big year for change, so we are here to bring you some social media marketing trends for 2019.

Social Listening

According to Social Media Today, “Social listening (monitoring) is the act of crawling the web and social media platforms to find all mentions of a brand (or any other keywords). This includes untagged brand mentions on social media, mentions of industry keywords that signal the interest to buy a product, mentions on blogs, forums, and news sites.” As of now the main goal for social listening is for customer service and brand reputation management which will continue to be a goal as time goes on. However, in 2019 there will be a shift to use social media listening for lead generation and social selling.



Social Media Marketing Trends For 2019I’m sure many of you may know the number of influencers on media today has skyrocketed. We now have Instagram stars, Twitter influencers, YouTube millionaires and more. This is leading businesses to look at other alternatives, such as micro-influencers. It is being predicted that these “smaller names” are trustworthy, honest and an up and coming trend for this next year.


In 2018 the social media trend was that it is a 24/7 customer support and people are expecting an immediate response from someone. Thankfully technology has helped us with creating tools that monitor brands in real-time, allow us to schedule our content to go off at any time and chatbots that can respond at all hours. Social media today predicts, “In 2019, consumers will expect their Twitter complaint to be answered straight away, and won’t get surprised when you immediately comment on the “Does anyone know a good alternative to Trello?” with an offer of your product.” This is just the way that the marketing world is changing.

Steven James as a marketing agency cannot wait for these changes to come into effect! To be expected, 2019 will provide its own challenges that we will need to adapt to but these new trends will help create a better and more enhanced customer experience.



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