SJ Staff Selections: Favorite Local Restaurants

As is our monthly routine, the Steven James team shares some of our personal favorites.  Sometimes it’s music, others it may be movies, vacation spots, or any array of insider trading tips!  This week we’ll share some of our choices for good eats and restaurants in The ROC ranging from casual to fine dining!


 Paul, Content Developer: “I’m going with our Water Street neighbor and extraordinary restaurant Pane Vino On The River.  I’ve never had anything that was less than great at Pane Vino.  The Artichoke Ravioli I had when I took my wife for our anniversary dinner was the best ravioli I’ve ever had!”



Brianna, “My go-to ROC restaurant is Ox and Stone. The atmosphere, Mexican cuisine and flaming punch bowls make for a perfect place to spend time with friends!”








Chris, Thali of India is a great restaurant for fresh Indian cuisine. My wife has to eat gluten-free and as a bonus, most of the items on their menu are naturally GF.”


  Sharon, Marketing Director: “Our favorite go-to restaurant in Rochester is Lento.  Anniversaries, birthdays, home for college break, it’s a great place to gather.  Many go there for the $1.00 oyster bar but not me.  Oysters scare me.  We enjoy fresh farm-to-market menu items that change with the seasons and offer delightful surprises to the palette with fun names like frizzled leeks and caper berries.   One size does not fit all so there are plates of many sizes as well as entrees, appetizers, craft cocktail nights and wine.  Wine is good.   It’s an adventure in the Village Gate you won’t want to miss.”




Hayley, “My favorite Rochester restaurant is without a doubt Saha Med Grill on University. If the social media team knows anything about me, they know my love of the Greek Fest and Mediterranean food. Saha’s food is full of flavor and deliciousness! Writing this now is reminding me that I need to stop in very soon!”



Jim, Managing Partner:  “My summer go-to for lunch is to walk from our Water Street offices up to State Street and buy a dog or Italian Sausage from James’ Hots.  James has his cart in front of the Federal Building, and you’re guaranteed a great bit of conversation with him if he isn’t too slammed, as well as a fantastic lunch.  You can get a drink, a Zweigle’s, and a side of mac salad for five bucks!  Where you going to beat that?!”



Nate, Simply Crêpes is a favorite of ours, with locations in Pittsford and Canandaigua. They serve a wide variety of dishes all based on crêpes — both savory and sweet options. Their chicken cordon bleu crêpe is my favorite dinner item, and their oatmeal crème brulée is a unique and delicious breakfast dish.”



Abbey, “My favorite restaurant is the Rabbit Room in Honeoye Falls. They are only open for dinner on Thursdays (and some Fridays) but they have an unrivaled atmosphere and amazing live music! I have never had a bad meal there as the food is always fresh, delicious, and a little bit unique! I feel like I am on a mini-vacation every time I go out to eat there.”




Brian, Director of Business Development: “Park Ave Paninoteca would have to be my favorite spot around town. Besides the friendly banter and relaxed atmosphere there is an incredible array of homemade recipes, but most importantly delicious paninis. My personal favorite would be the Fritelle Panino which has two grilled meatballs, with roasted red peppers, pesto aioli, arugula and provolone cheese. It’s also delicious when substituted with breaded eggplant but you also need a side of homemade sauce!”



Nick DiBella, Creative Consultant: “I have a soft spot in my heart for DiBella’s Old Fashioned Subs.”


There you have it, one and all!  There has to be something on that menu of suggestions that you find intriguing — or maybe you find all of them tempting!  Are you hungry for a new marketing strategy? Contact us today!







I’m Paul, and I’m most content when I’m creating content. I also have a penchant for words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and pronunciations. Vincent Van Gogh allegedly said the best way to know God is to love many things. I try to do that – I love books, movies, sports, music, people, furry critters that don’t bite me, and a lot in between – oh, and I almost forgot long walks on the beach under moonlit skies while listening to Wu-Tang Clan!

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