Recent Changes To Twitter

Changes to Twitter

We all know that the social media world is constantly changing and adapting. Sometimes the changes are good; sometimes they’re bad. Today, we have a little bit of both for you. Twitter has quickly announced (the link explains how to share a tweet via link) that you can no longer share tweets to a connected Facebook account.

So, Twitter is saying that there is no way to share a tweet on Facebook anymore, other than manually posting. Why did this change happen, you ask? These changes occurred due to Facebook’s API as they continue to look into ways to further protect individual’s Facebook information. Social Media Today states, “After their recent app review, Facebook opted to remove re-sharing functionality for many apps, including Twitter, in order to limit the activities of auto-posting spammers. The changes went into effect on August 1st.” Facebook is still listed as a connected app on Twitter, but will not allow you to connect the two. Instead, it sends you to ‘How to use Twitter with Facebook‘.

Changes to TwitterNow that the “bad news” is out of the way, the good news is that you shouldn’t have been sharing your tweets to Facebook anyway. While streaming your Tweets to Facebook saves you time, when you post your tweets, it will typically look out of place. You can get around this by keeping a close eye on your feed. But in doing this, you could be limiting your time on each platform, thereby failing your audience on one or the other.

As we’ve said before, the social media world is a revolving door of change and we are here to keep you updated. Check out more social media trends today to keep updated. Are you looking to keep your businesses social media platforms updated, or looking for a new marketing plan? Connect with us today!



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