Valle Shield


Goals for the Valle Shield

Video Production:  Our objective for the Valle Shield was to create an engaging and informative piece for multiple audiences that highlighted the various features of the product: safety, ease of assembly, and increased focus benefits.

Web Design:  The website needed to be informative and intuitive, and we were tasked with creating a responsive e-commerce facet that would be fully functional to process orders and take payments.

Print Material: Print materials included text and graphics for informative brochures and one-pagers, assembly instruction directions, and multi-colored banners and backdrops for tradeshow exhibitions.

Video Production

Video production for this project posed an interesting creative challenge. We needed to message both the professional baseball market and lower level associations such as schools and community leagues. We, therefore, had to find the proper balance to engage, inform, and instruct on the product’s usage, features, and assembly. Additionally, we needed to infuse the video with motion shots of The Valle Shield in use, capturing baseballs being pitched, hit, and ricocheted at high speeds.

Web Design

The website needed to strongly convey the new level of safety The Valle Shield offers, its ease of assembly and portability, and the endorsements of its users. This was achieved by combining still photography, video, testimonials, and visual assembly instruction. The website was constructed with e-commerce features to answer visitors’ inquiries, process orders, and take payments.


Print Material

Steven James produced the text and graphics for information brochures, provided technical writing for assembly instructions, created an original product logo for The Valle Shield, and designed the images for banners that were used in trade shows. These banners included display table coverings and a 10’ x 20’ graphic image for the exhibition booth backdrop.

Promo Poster

Tradeshow Banner


Spec Sheet


Business Card Front


Business Card Back

From the Client

"I’ve been developing various baseball products for many years – practice gear, gloves, and safety equipment.  Working with Steven James has been a huge positive in every way. The key to any success is communication and this has been not just good but extraordinary.  They’ve helped us to expand the presence of the Valle Shield across different media platforms and develop strategies to reach new markets. They’ve created excellent videos for us, assisted with technical writing, and developed fantastic print materials for our tradeshows, including a stunning 10’ by 20’ backdrop for our display booth background.  Since working with Steven James, it seems like I offer a raw idea or vague direction, and the next thing I know we’re defining it and developing it, elevating it to a whole new level. Collaborating with Steven James has made business a pleasure."

John Valle
Owner/Inventor The Valle Shield

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