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Goals for Salon Amissa

Helping to convey the image and story of a client that works in the image industry is a challenge that Steven James embraced. Our goal was to convey the fact that Salon Amissa offers the very highest quality service in hair design but is inviting to clients across a broad spectrum and not prohibitively expensive.

  • The goal in designing Salon Amissa’s website was to build a site that highlighted the visual aspects of the salon while offering a blog and a functionality that didn’t divert attention from the inviting atmosphere of the salon.
  • A main objective in implementing a social media plan was to provide a steady stream of posts, images, and moments that captured the atmosphere that Salon Amissa makes a concerted effort to project: welcoming, relaxed, and highly stylish.
  • Our photography needed to convey the aesthetic of Salon Amissa: friendly, fun, and fashionable.

Social Media

As with all Steven James’ clients, customized posts were generated for Salon Amissa that told its story, distinctive from reposts and canned content used by other social media companies. This is important for any client, but especially so for a unique salon whose inviting environment is one of its main appeals. The first quarter results speak for themselves: 1,830% Increased Reach. 2,102% Increased Impressions. 1,231% Increased Engagement.








Web Design

Steven James’ website designer kept in mind from the start that the site she developed had to balance the visual allure of the salon with an adequate amount of information about the services offered. The visual appeal and the factual data each were bolstered with testimonials of existing customers, various images, the origin story of the salon, along with clear pricing and profiles of the staff. A refined layout and palette that was inviting but not visually overwhelming was used.


Content Creation & Photography

Steven James’ Branding Strategist Brie created an album of photos that visually convey the theme of Salon Amissa: an upscale atmosphere without pretention. The photos reinforce the salon’s motto: “All who enter as guests, leave as friends.”

The Story of Salon Amissa

The Story of Salon Amissa

Shows an informative post about the history of the salon, while still holding true to their voice within the writing style.

Get Lighter Hair for Summer

Going Blonde for Summer

A popular topic in the hair industry that benefits Salon Amissa by demonstrating why lighter hair needs appointments planned months in advance. Benefits the client by solving a common problem of clients wanting their hair to reach an unpractical color in just one sitting.

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