October Staff Selections – Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences

A couple of weeks back, we blogged about the importance of tapping various intelligences and learning styles in content creation.  As a follow-up, we thought it would be interesting to check with a few members of our Steven James’ staff to see how they rate their own strengths.  Involving staff and finding out information related to both personal interests and professional insights is a productive exercise on numerous levels.  It uncovers information that can be helpful in some capacity at work – i.e. ‘I never knew Ann was so into music and audio recording.  Maybe she would be interested in podcasting.’ – and it helps to get people involved in discussions that can lead to stronger company unity, professional development opportunities, or many unforeseen benefits.



Jessica, Social Media Intern Extraordinaire: I am currently taking an Organizational Behavior business class at Fredonia, and one of the very first things we did was take the Multiple Intelligences test. My results were #1) Musical/Auditory, #2) Interpersonal, and #3) Bodily-Kinesthetic. All of these make a lot of sense when I think about who I am, especially in a business and professional setting. I always will connect with music first, and even playing music in the office while I work helps me get things done faster and more efficiently. I also value my relationships with the people I am working with, and I really believe that communication can make or break a relationship with someone and/or a potential client. I also love to be hands-on when learning, and this shows in my studies. I take what I learn from school as knowledge, but it isn’t until I work and put my knowledge to work that it actually clicks for me. It’s amazing what these tests can tell us about ourselves, even things we didn’t know!


Brianna, Social & Branding Strategist:  This was a tough one!  First and foremost, I have always had a strong visual-spatial intelligence. For as long as I can remember, my artistic nature has molded me into the being that I am. I would certainly say my love for creating, my interest in art and the therapy that I find in organizing any and everything by color is a dead giveaway. Not far behind, my next intelligence is verbal-linguistic. I love reading, and anyone who knows me on any level knows that I love to talk. Even after getting my education, I still enjoy writing blogs, short stories, and editing my little brother’s college essays. Lastly, I have a naturalistic intelligence. I may not have taken on a career in biology, but when I am not creating, I find joy in gardening, spending time in nature and becoming familiar with my natural surroundings. I chalk it up to growing up in what some might refer to as ‘the middle of nowhere,’ but I find a true sense of peace and familiarity in the outdoors.


Sharon, Multiple intelligences– visual even though all the artistic talent I have is about the size of the tip of my pinky finger. I am also inter and intrapersonal and a Gemini so maybe that’s why I have both sides. I learn by writing and think best when I am moving so that would be kinesthetic- not sure that was a choice but let’s add it. In summary, I am a melting pot of multiple intelligences.







Brian C., Creative Consultant: This was challenging because I’ve been deeply involved in music, art, writing and directing theatre for many years.  But if pressed, I guess I’d line them up with Music/Auditory as my number one and Visual/Spatial as 1A with Verbal/Linguistic coming in behind so close that it would be a photo finish.  I’ve been a singer-songwriter-guitarist for years and began the original Rochester Songwriters In The Round which is in its 18th year here.  I also was a graphic designer with my own sign shop in Livonia for a long time, and I’ve been a screen and stage writer and director for just as long.  So, you see, when I tell you this isn’t an easy choice for me, I’m not exaggerating!


 Paul, Content Developer:  My first choice is obvious: it’s verbal/linguistic.  I’ve written fiction, screenplays, and plays for the stage for almost thirty years, and also earned a living teaching English and Social Studies.  I’ve loved books and stories ever since my mom started reading to me, and I grew up around a lot of Irish-American, African-American, and Italian-American storytellers.  After verbal-linguistic, it does get more challenging for me to identify or rank my learning styles.  I’d probably go with kinesthetic because I loved playing various sports during my youth and well into adulthood.  I’m a big walker today and find my thoughts and ideas flow great when I’m moving.  My third would be music because it has just played such an important part of my life.  From going to concerts to listening to albums (and the radio, 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, and now streaming, haha) I agree with what the great Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. once said (to paraphrase): ‘The only proof I need for the existence of God is music.”



Nate, Video Production Manager: Mine are visual-spacial, verbal-linguistic, and interpersonal.  I’ve always had a love and talent for visual composition and this is what brought me to the world of video and film.  I also have a love of literature and for crafting words in creating my visual works.  Interpersonal is a strength also.  I’ve always gotten along well with others and I really try to make the effort to see things through others’ perspectives.



Chris, Cinematographer: I’ve been looking at the world through a camera lens since my father gave me one of his old Kodaks when I was a boy.  He was a photography enthusiast so I had access to some equipment and continued to learn about the processes, methods, and techniques as I grew up.  I made 8 mm films with my friends throughout my teenage years.  I didn’t know at the time my dad gave me that old Kodak that I would one day work for Kodak as their lead cinematographer for many years.  I also would consider myself to have a naturalistic intelligence.  I’m a gardener and landscaper and have always been an outdoors person.  I try to be a good steward for the land.  I don’t know what the third one might be — but if being hands-on falls under the Kinesthetic category, I guess that would be me.  Along with the movement involved in cinematography and working outdoors, I  also woodwork and build various items.  All of those have to do with working with my hands as well as my mind.


Make sure you’re utilizing your staff’s various strengths as well as hitting your target audience’s various learning processes by using a mix of media to reach them!  We will definitely help you with anything to do with video creation, writing, social media, and web design!   




I’m Paul, and I’m most content when I’m creating content. I also have a penchant for words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and pronunciations. Vincent Van Gogh allegedly said the best way to know God is to love many things. I try to do that – I love books, movies, sports, music, people, furry critters that don’t bite me, and a lot in between – oh, and I almost forgot long walks on the beach under moonlit skies while listening to Wu-Tang Clan!

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  1. Avatar Ginny on October 20, 2018 at 6:52 pm

    I would have to agree with everything Paul said and add he is an expert serious recycler… things get tense around our house every Friday due to the fact Paul diets through what we as a family have recycled and sometimes what we haven’t. Either way it’s all good. ?

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