What's New With Google: Updates and New Features

It is no surprise that Google has and continues to shower today’s world with new and improved material that always aims to make our lives a little more interesting, and a lot easier to navigate. From the creation of Google Drive, Google Assistant, G-Suite and the new Google Pixel 2, the company continues to grow and innovate. Interested in what’s been happening recently? We’ve got the scoop on the great new Google features in store!

New Google Product: Google Pixel 2

The new Google phone, the Pixel 2, has superb updates and features that make this phone unique and accessible in many different ways. Costumers are exploring with this phone because of the multiple different creative aspects of technology that the company has brought to modern society! If you haven’t checked it out yet, take a look at our recent blog all about new phone updates, including the Google Pixel 2.

New Google Features: Google Assistant

Google has been stepping up their game with more than 50 new games and activities, supplemented by the Google Assistant which supports more than one language, and will soon feature more robust third-party integration (basically, it will help control your entire digital life, even things not associated with Google). This allows you to ask questions and get answers, introducing numerous games that are compatible with your Google devices and beyond (including the iPhone!) There is also a “hey google” voice command coming to phones, as well as the Google Assistant being able to order products from Target through Google Express. You can even type to Google Assistant if you don’t wish to speak! Needless to say, the Google Assistant will assist you with all of your immediate needs.

New Google Features: Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud platform uses Google’s core infrastructure, data analytics, and machine learning, is secure and fully featured for all enterprises, and is committed to open source and industry-leading price-performance to build better software, faster. You can try the software for free or contact sales for more information on how to make the program most beneficial for you and your needs. The software has gotten positive feedback from major brands like Coca-Cola, Spotify, Philips, Snapchat, Ocado, Wix, and others. You can stay updated on their future innovations with the system by following their Google Cloud Platform blog.

Google has truly never stopped creating and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon, as they are aspiring constantly to create more opportunities for everyone, recently announcing $1 billion in grants, 1 million volunteer hours, and new training programs. Google has truly become an inspiring company with lots of diverse talent. Try one of these new programs today, and let us know what you think!



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