Do You Need a Social Media Cleanse?

2018 is a crazy time to be alive. The term ‘global village’ has never been more relevant. No matter where we are in the world, we can find out what’s happening on the other side of the planet through a device that is right at each of our fingertips. It’s easy for our access to infinite information to consume our day-to-day lives. But what if we were suddenly cut off from technology? Social media and branding strategist Brianna Dioguardi put this to the test by going one week without any ties to personal social media platforms. We followed her story to see if a social media cleanse is worth the hype.

“I wanted to see how attached to my phone I really am, and I didn’t feel like I could do so without getting a taste of what my daily life would be like without it.”

Even when we don’t realize it, we are constantly checking our phones. Most of the time, there aren’t even any notifications to catch up on and we’re simply looking at our screens by force of habit! There’s even a term that was coined to describe the anxiety that is a result of being out of cellular contact, known as nomophobia. Brianna told us that she knew she would experience a sense of loss without her phone, but also wanted to use the experience to remind herself that spare time does not always need to be used staring at a phone screen.

“After a few days, I realized how much time I used to waste looking at my phone when I could have been productive doing other things.”

We asked Brianna what her final thoughts were after going an entire week without looking at her personal social media. As expected, she told us that she felt a sense of anxiety without social networking and could not wait to get back online and catch up on all that she missed. But, to her surprise, she thinks that the cleanse was exactly what she needed to reduce stress and appreciate when social media is appropriate. “I really think that everyone could use a cleanse like this. Not only did I realize that most of my life was being spent staring at everyone else’s lives through a phone screen, I also noticed that when I made myself aware that when I’m not busy I look at my phone, I was less likely to pull it out of my pocket. Now, when I walk around, instead of giving in to the urge to look at my phone when walking by a stranger, I nod and smile at them instead.”

“Although it’s nice to take a breather sometimes, we should never forget the amazing world we live in where we have infinite knowledge right at our fingertips.”

Moral of the story: Everyone could use a little social media cleanse to remember how to prioritize their day, but social media should still be recognized as a revolutionary tool that is imperative to the tight-knit global community that we live in. From marketing your business to keeping up with friends that you otherwise would never hear from again, social media should be appreciated as what it is; an empty canvas that should be utilized for expanding our knowledge.


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