Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $100

Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $100December is upon us so it’s time for the storytellers at Steven James to suggest some gifts that can help the tech lovers on your list to tell their stories!  We’ll keep it very reasonable – $100 dollars per gift.  The power and versatility of the technical gifts that can be had for reasonable costs these days is astounding.  That’s technology innovation for you: it gets better, more powerful, and relatively less expensive as time goes on.  Here are a few must-have tech gifts under $100 to help the tech lovers and those who tell stories – especially with images!


Why not get a few of the very popular 2nd Generation Echo Dots to allow someone to have wireless coverage in the various rooms of their home or apartment.  They will have research capabilities within the sound of their voice as Alexa assists them with any and all information needs they may have to build their story – or just about anything else they want to do!  On sale at $29.99, you can cover three rooms of someone on your list for less than a hundred!  Order at Amazon or find them at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $100

For an excellent bargain digital camera to stay connected with home for fun or security purposes through live stream, go with the Amcrest 1080P.   Normally priced at $149.99, it’s available now for $74.99.  It has a super-wide 90-degree viewing angle, with pan tilt.  You’ll be streaming video and two-way audio to all your devices with this great camera at a super price, allowing you to watch the little ones at home while you’re working, or to make sure that everything and everybody is safe and sound at home at any time, wherever you are.


For the adventurous techie on your list (or maybe for yourself!) who may be interested in exploring virtual reality a bit, try the modestly priced Google Day Dream headset.  At $99, it qualifies for our list, and while VR hasn’t totally infiltrated the mainstream yet, it continues to creep closer.  The headset fits all Daydream compatible phones – which are most of the Androids, some Motorolas, and a few others.  Why not invest a few dollars so you or someone special on your gift list who likes being on the cutting edge can explore?  There is a bit of shipping delay, Google warns, to get this product, so to make it by Christmas you’ll have to order soon!


Since we’ve hit a few items on the visual side of the spectrum, let’s throw in a nice suggestion for the audiophile on the list.  For $99 again, you can grab a beautiful set of bookcase speakers.  The Edifier R1280T sound system will provide all the volume you need with excellent clarity.  They connect with any device with a standard 3.5 mm headphone output or dual RCA output.  You may link them to two devices simultaneously via AUX, with no plugging or switching.  There is a sleek remote control to adjust them with from wherever you’re sitting while you’re enjoying the sounds.  Their wood finish will complement the aesthetics of any room you have them placed, with a bit of vintage flair from speakers of the past.


Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $100Back to the images side of the equation, for the semi-serious family photographer who enjoys getting the extended video clip or a lot of high-quality still photos, why not pick them up a fine tripod for their camera?  For $23.99, here’s a nice lightweight model by Amazon, 60-inches high.  It comes with a bag and has a convenient quick-release mounting plate.  It’s compatible with most vid cams, still cams, digital cams, Go-Pro devices, smartphone adapters, and scopes.  A tripod really frees up the photographer or videographer to capture various angles, set-ups, and extra footage that they can get very creative with in the editing phase.


Now that you or the lucky beneficiary of your holiday gift largesse will be armed with new tools to get some great images, why not upgrade your printing system very reasonably?  For $62.99, you can get the HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless All-In-One Photo Printer.  It allows for mobile printing and is instant ink ready.  It does it all with laser quality, two-sided printing included, and can be linked to any of your mobile devices.   For a few bucks more you can get a four-year warranty with it.  Not bad for printshop-like quality for well under one-hundred dollars!


And finally, with the various images you have to tell a story, you want to be able to display them in style. Here’s the latest in a digital photo frame.  The NIX Advance, 8-Inch Hi-Res Digital Photo Frame will bring both still photos and video to life in this frame that will let your images Must-Have Tech Gifts Under $100rotate through in a slideshow.  The beauty of this model is that it’s equipped with a motion sensor, so you enjoy your images when you’re in the room, and you save on the energy costs when you’re not.


With those gift suggestions, you or your loved one should be on your way to telling your story!  But look, why you’re learning to play with all those gadgets and tools, give Steven James a call to help you capture the event that you really want to save for a lifetime.  We have all the toys and expertise ready to go, and we’ll give your story the professional polish and personal touch that it deserves in any one of numerous formats that can be cherished for generations!



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