Movie Releases: May 2018

This May represents a cautious ramp-up to the summer season of the
big ticket movies. There are only seven nationwide releases scheduled
for the month, with a lot of others coming out in limited release, testing
the waters to see if a wider roll-out will be forthcoming. Of course, one
of the major movies of the season was discussed in our April blog –
‘Avengers: Infinity War’ has the massive super-hero movie market
excited. But what May lacks in sheer quantity of releases, a couple of
them definitely have the potential for high-quality box-office success.
As is our practice each month in this blog, Steven James will provide
you the details!

The first offering of the month on May 4th is a remake of the 1987 rom-
com ‘Overboard.’ The new film will have some role reversals from the
original that starred Kurt Russell and wife Goldie Hawn. The 2018
version stars Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris. Derbez is ‘Leonardo,’ a
self-centered, rich womanizer, but after going overboard (literally) from
his yacht, he wakes up with amnesia. Faris as ‘Kate’ seizes the
opportunity to turn the tables on her former employer who had treated
her poorly. Of course, the strange thing about memory loss (especially
in the movies!) is that you’re never quite sure when it might return,
providing for good suspense.

On May 11th , another comedy hits the screens in ‘Life Of The Party,’
starring Melissa McCarthy, Gillian Jacobs, and Maya Rudolph. When
McCarthy’s no-good husband deserts her, she uses the opportunity to
return to college and pursue dreams that have been left on the
roadside of her past. The twist is that she lands in the same college
where her daughter is enrolled! Does anybody remember Rodney
Dangerfield in the classic ‘Back To School’? Before you know it,
McCarthy’s character – named Deanna – is known around campus as
Dee-Rock. The other students love her…except perhaps one…

‘Breaking In’ is the other release this week. It stars Gabrielle Union as a
mother whose two kids have been taken hostage inside a house that
was specifically built with super-security systems and designs to thwart
intruders. But if hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman, it also
has no house that will keep out a mother trying to save her cubs!

May 18th brings the drop of one of the summer big boys – in this case, a
kind of bad boy. It’s ‘Deadpool 2’ with Ryan Reynolds returning in the
sequel to the R-rated superhero smash hit of 2016. Zazie Beetz and
Josh Brolin co-star. Reynolds as Wade Wilson is battling ninjas, yakuza,
sex-starved dogs (hey, it’s Deadpool!) and other craziness in this
installment of the series. It is not for the very young or the very
sensitive, of this you can be certain, but it will be hilariously
entertaining if it follows up on the achievement of its predecessor.

The second coast-to-coast opening this weekend is a comedy-drama
exploring that favorite gathering of bibliophiles: ‘Book Club.’ And the
book that these four aging women who have been friends for life are
reading? 50 Shades of Gray. The steamy novel inspires the four –
played by Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Mary Steenburgen, and Candace
Bergen – to take some hilarious new chances regarding their love lives.
One of them is widowed, one a confirmed bachelorette, one divorced,
and one in a dead-end marriage – but they all have each other for
support as they blaze some new trails late in life.

The third feature release this weekend is ‘Show Dogs,’ a live-action film
that employs voice talent for its canine characters. The human FBI
partner of the main dog Max (voiced by Ludacris) is Will Arnett, who
must investigate the kidnapping of a baby panda by a ring of notorious
animal trainers. Macho Max has to become a prim and proper show
dog to go undercover and help crack the case. Natasha Lyonne co-

And finally, the month closes out with a heavyweight – or maybe a
light-heavyweight because it’s a spin-off of the true heavyweight.
We’re talking about ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’ But there is nothing light
about the players involved. Ron Howard directs and Lawrence Kasden
co-wrote the screenplay with his son Jon Kasden. The elder Kasden
also co-wrote ‘The Empire Strikes Back ‘and ‘Return of The Jedi’ in the
original trilogy, considered to be the finest of all the Star War films by
many. ‘Solo’ stars Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke,
Donald Glover, Chandie Newton, and Paul Bettany. How can you go

wrong with a cast that includes both the Mother of Dragons from
‘Game of Thrones’ and Childish Gambino among other luminaries?
Answer: You can’t! Honestly, the trailer looks as entertaining and
engaging as any of the Star War films since the original trilogy. This
prequel is set ten years before the original 1977 film, ‘A New Hope.’
We have new hope that ‘Solo’ will deliver on its initial promise!

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