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Social Media News: Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn

Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn When it comes to establishing a powerful social media presence, keeping up with the latest online trends can be tricky. Have consistent information, relevant content and interesting posts can easily become an overwhelming task. For most small to mid-sized businesses, there’s one or two social media platforms that can benefit them more-so than others. However, there’s social strategy that can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes; marketing your business on LinkedIn.

Unlike platforms that are used for recreational, use such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn was created with the sole purpose of helping individuals build professional connections under one house. Remember that one guy that you met during happy hour at that national conference that said he liked your shoes, then later on you found out he was the keynote speaker and CEO for a nationally renowned company? Reconnecting is as simple as finding his name and hitting a ‘connect’ button. Imagine all of the extended opportunities that can arise from something as simple as staying in touch with someone you would normally never see again.

Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn

So how does this benefit a business as a whole? Once you have filled out your personal profile and made a few connections, the next step is to create your company page. Similar to that of a Facebook business page, a company page is a hub for all things related to updates within your company. You have the ability to post, create a bio, customize visually and even announce job postings. Using LinkedIn as a professional space can display your company’s community service, affiliations and even engagement with other companies that may have a respected status in your area.

Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn
You may be thinking, “My business isn’t that big, so there’s no way that I can use LinkedIn to it’s full advantage.” The beauty of LinkedIn, however, is that you CAN. Small local business’s on LinkedIn have the power to see what is going on around their community, get involved in the action, and work in conjunction with other businesses and freelancers. From reserving a vendor tent at a city-wide fair to finding a photographer for your next product launch, marketing your business on LinkedIn opens the doors to your first step in making it happen.

How can you get started? Create a profile and a company page and think about all of those people you have met in a professional environment that you can begin connecting with. Friends from college, relatives and coworkers are also encouraged. Start sharing posts from businesses you’d like to receive engagement back from. It’s time to take your business’ online presence to the next level.



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