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Make Your Content Visible As many have commented and data has shown, video should be the centerpiece of content marketing for social media. But how can we ensure that our content stays visible and relevant in an environment so often marked by change? Here are four habits to help you keep ahead of the curve:

  • Track your platforms’ new initiatives and redesigns. Over the past few months, Facebook has announced that their NewsFeed will feature less marketed content for users in favor of more posts from family and friends. In the same breath, they have also announced intentions to lift their ban on pre-roll ads in Facebook Watch—which, by the way, is now reaching about half of all Facebook users on a weekly basis. Are you posting in the right place? Keeping track of such announcements allows us to place our work where it will be most visible and make the most of the platforms we use.
  • Keep Your Content “Searchable.” Major social media platforms experience millions of uploads a day, and that’s a lot of content to search through, so each has found different ways to make that information findable. Consistently researching how keywords get used on each site is a great way to make sure that your audience finds your content when they look for it.Make Your Content Visible
  • Observe trends in platform usage and consumer feedback. Earlier media marketing influencers took a very minimalist tack toward headers for social media video posts. The emphasis was on links to content, pictures, and as few words as possible. Now, research favors tailoring content to each platform and posting content natively, noting that using more writing room when it’s provided can generate engagement and responses as opposed to mere clicks. Besides gathering data and feedback local to your company, staying in touch with trends in consumer preference can allow for small tweaks as simple as description length and native posting to keep engagement consistent through varying market changes.
  • Engage your muses! Spending the time around the creative paradigms you channel for the brands you market is crucial. Viewing your brands from both the inside and the outside keeps the windows open and lets fresh air in.

Strong marketing makes great content visible. Creatively engaging our brand AND our platforms allows us to build the connections that help our brands thrive.

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