Interning At Steven James: An Overview

“SHARON KUNKEL!!!” “JIM PAVONE!!!” This is an exchange I am going to miss. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday no matter what, it was always the same interaction. There was never a quiet day in the office, and it was one of the things I loved most about interning for Steven James.

Being a senior at Roberts Wesleyan College, one of the most important things to me was finding an internship that was going to give me the experience necessary to head on the right path in my career. I wanted to have the opportunity to learn as much as I possibly could. To be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as I could take in. Luckily for me, the team here at Steven James is the best around. The SJ team, which consists of experts in all major media fields from cinematography and content creation to social media and graphic design. I quickly learned that my choice to do my internship here was the right decision. As an intern, I found that the best way to learn and understand was to listen as well as actually do. That’s exactly what I got here. I listened to all that those here like Sharon Kunkel, our wonderful Marketing Director and Chris Hart, one of the best cinematographers in the business today, had to offer. Let’s not forget Jim Pavone, the Managing Partner of Steven James, with which I had the opportunity to talk with; and I can wholeheartedly assure you that those were conversations never fell flat. After having the opportunity to listen to all these amazing people had to offer, I was given the opportunity to put what I learned into action through assisting on production shoots and helping with social media posts.

So often, people complain about how they hate their job because they find it boring or that there is no real interaction with their co-workers. They just show up, do their work, and then go home. Well, I am here to tell all who are wondering that there was never a boring day at Steven James Productions. You are constantly communicating and collaborating with your co-workers to create the best possible product. I spent my time in the social media department surrounded by creative and innovative women who were always in a good mood and made every day a fun day at the office. Having the opportunity to work with Brie, our Social Media and Branding specialist, Hayley, our Social Media specialist, and Abbey, our Graphics and Marketing Strategist, as well as Sharon, I enjoyed every minute I spent in the office. Even the daily visits from Jeremy, our Video Production Specialist, while he waited for his coffee were a nice start to the afternoon. I could go

 on about the many opportunities I had to interact with all the great individuals here like Paul, our content creator and a really great guy, or learning that Josh, our other Video Production Specialist, has a great sense of humor and gives us media production guys and girls a good reputation. Thank you, Josh! I could go on and on about everyone here, but then this blog would turn into a book. Probably the best book you’ve ever read; because that’s how awesome SJ Productions is.

I know everyone loves cliche sayings and I would be remiss if I didn’t have one in this blog. They say that “all good things must come to an end,” and unfortunately, that is the case for me as I finish my time here at the end of this week. I’ve spent over 130 hours here at Steven James with all these wonderful people. I had the opportunity to learn from all the best in the business while developing new skills and creating content that will only help me as I start my professional career after I graduate. Aside from all the knowledge I gained and the skills I learned, one of the greatest things I am going to take away from my time here is that everyone treated each other like family, including me. I was just some intern they brought in and I came into an environment where they welcomed me with open arms. Before I end my recollection of my time here at Steven James, I must tell you that as I am writing this blog, Jim Pavone has just walked in screaming “LINDA!!!” as only Jim Pavone can. I will miss my spending my Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday’s here, but I will have memories to take with me along with the knowledge and skills that I have gathered over these past weeks. I will look back on this place fondly and I will forever be grateful for everything Steven James has taught me. 

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