Instagram-Worthy Walls in Rochester, NY




Rochester, NY is widely known for its growing arts community. Aside from our vast array of talented local artists who can be found in art galleries and boutiques on every street corner, art can be found just by driving through town and taking in the scenic murals that surround us. Wall art brings a unique beauty that citizens and tourists often use for photo-op purposes. Check out our top 3 favorite photo-op walls in the Flower City!





430 Atlantic Avenue

Also known as the Meier Supply Company building, this hidden gem is tucked away right off of the beaten path of the Arts District. The best part? You can get multiple photoshoots out of one location! Each wall of the building has a different mural;

from abstract and patterned to articulate figure paintings, you’ll have plenty to look at. Not to mention, there’s little-to-no traffic so you can pose all you want without an audience watching




235 Park Ave

Commonly known as Parkleigh, this building is located in the heart of Park Avenue. After you spend an hour(or two!) inside the store checking out all of their amazing gifts and local art, the outside wall has three different murals to choose from. Each mural is a faux windowsill overflowing with bouquets of flowers. Across the parking lot on the wall of Hogan’s Hideaway is a larger mural that spells out ‘Rochester, NY’ and encompasses all of the things that make our city so unique.




The Public Market

You might know about The Rochester Public Market for its food truck rodeos and local produce vendors, but did you know that the area is also surrounded by murals? Next time you’re strolling through, stop for a photo.

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