How Wearable Technology is Changing the Way We Record Our Every Day Lives

Within the past ten years, activities to pass the time have evolved from reading a book to scrolling through a timeline. When a baby is born or a graduate walks across the stage, our instinct is no longer to cherish every moment; but record it. Our phones have become a part of us. They hold more information about our lifestyles, friends, family and culture more than our own brains do. So it is no surprise to see that the newest up and coming niche marketing provides us with tools to make sure our devices never miss a beat. Wearable technology, although not a relatively new concept, is something that is being utilized so that we never have to think “I wish I recorded that!” ever again. Here are all of the ways our social media-reliant world is using video sharing technology to mold the way we got through our day-to-day lives.

Spectacles: In November of 2016, Snapchat released a device that allows Snapchatters everywhere to record their Snap stories from a first-hand perspective. Snapchat Spectacles are exactly what they sound like; sunglasses that have a small camera installed on the corner of each lens. Spectacles are designed for the average Snap-addict to have full-range of their hands in order to document their experiences so their viewers can feel like their in the Snapper’s shoes. For the price of $129.99, these shades bring a trendy look and innovative design at a reasonable price

FrontRow: Similar to Spectacles, FrontRow is a wearable camera that puts ease into filming experiences in real-time by freeing the use of your hands. FrontRow is a pendant, modeled to look like a pocket watch, with a 2′ display that allows you to move easily between multiple social media platforms so that there is no restriction of where your content can be posted. FrontRow also has a feature called Story Mode, which allows users to create a time-lapse similar to the capability of an iPhone or Android. FrontRow sits at a starting price of $400, making it pricier than Spectacles,  but with more usability.

AppleWatch: We’ve all heard of it. Actually, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve seen someone wearing an Apple Watch while you were sitting in a waiting room, looking around a table during a meeting or even just walking through the grocery store. While the AppleWatch may not record video, it follows the hands-free concept that makes living our every day lives easier without feeling the need to constantly check our phones for the latest news. AppleWatch allows its users to record fitness, receive notifications from texts and social media, and even answer phone calls. AppleWatch series 1 starts at $269, which–given its usability– is what some might call a steal.



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