How To Spend A $20 Day in Rochester, NY

As the summer dwindles down, it is not uncommon to feel like you have checked everything off of your summertime bucket list. Not to mention, the sunny season has a tendency to drain our bank accounts. Now that all of the graduation parties and family cookouts have subsided, Steven James has constructed the perfect schedule for a fun-filled day gallivanting the streets of Rochester while only taking $20 out of your wallet!


Eclipse Day at Rochester Museum & Science Center: Looking for something that’s as educational as it is fun? Eclipse Day takes an event that you would normally watch out of a window at home and makes it informative. All viewers are encouraged to stop by the Strasenburgh Planetarium from 12 pm-4 pm on Monday, August 21st. Viewers can meet with volunteers who specialize in astronomy and physics to learn about the eclipse. Prior to the eclipse, the museum is also showing a Solar Eclipse Star Show. At the show, you will learn about what makes an eclipse happen, what to watch for, and where to go to see it in totality. You will also get a preview April 8, 2024, when Rochester gets its first total solar eclipse since 1925. The museum will also have protective eyewear available for $2.


TAPAS 177 in Saint Paul Quarter: Since the eclipse is complete by 3:52 pm, it only makes sense to continue the afternoon with a late lunch. After stopping at Whitehouse Liquor & Wine for a $6 bottle of wine, head downtown to Steven James very own neighbor TAPAS 177 for BYOB with no corkage fee on wine. As if this weren’t enough of a reason to stop in for their delicious food, homemade Pho Ga—a Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup—is discounted to $9 on Mondays. Since the Eclipse is on a Monday, the stars are truly aligned for you to have a great meal at a deal that can’t be beaten!


Highland Park: Lastly, the ideal way to wrap up a fun-filled day, especially after a big meal, is to take a walk through Rochester’s historic Highland Park. Highland Park is conveniently located just outside of the city, leaving for a picturesque and serene atmosphere. Depending on your ability, hiking paths, picnic areas and beaches are available throughout the park. As the sun relaxes beyond the horizon and signs off after a momentous day, you can complete your $20 day watching the sunset at Warner Castle, a historic castle in the heart of the park that has become a favorite spot for wedding photos. Once the sun has settled, you can rest assured knowing that you had a fun-filled day while spending little-to-no money!



I’m Paul, and I’m most content when I’m creating content. I also have a penchant for words that are spelled the same but have different meanings and pronunciations. Vincent Van Gogh allegedly said the best way to know God is to love many things. I try to do that – I love books, movies, sports, music, people, furry critters that don’t bite me, and a lot in between – oh, and I almost forgot long walks on the beach under moonlit skies while listening to Wu-Tang Clan!

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