Facebook Pixel Updates

Facebook Pixel Updates

Have you ever wondered how companies get their ads to “follow” you around the internet? Or wondered how it’s possible that when you find that perfect pair of shoes online they show up on your social media feed two minutes later? This may be due to companies using a Facebook Pixel, and other specific targeting ads. The good news is that Facebook Pixel is making changes to help benefits companies to better their advertising; and here’s how.

  • Starting October 24th, Facebook will begin offering first-party cookies for Facebook Pixel tracking. This will be very valuable when advertisers continue targeting ads and measuring campaigns. These first-party cookies mean that companies don’t have to rely on third-party cookies anymore and can update their settings in Events Manager.
  • As Social Media Today says, “The option works by placing a unique string of numbers onto a URL of a landing page when a user clicks on an ad served by Facebook. The opted-in first-party pixels on the site get integrated into the browser as a first-party cookie, included with data sent to Facebook.” However, in order to track any sort of measurements, a first-party relationship must be established.
  • Implementing this new feature will help the first-party cookies for Pixel tracking better align with more online platforms as well as perform better on certain browsers.

This Facebook Pixel change is going to help continue the trend of intentionally posting content that is going to perform well in ads. When creating an ad it’s important to make sure that it is done right. What type of message, or call to action, or conversion are you trying to make? These are the keys! Take a look at how multiple intelligences can help your content creation.

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