Facebook Changes for Businesses in 2018

Since the early 2000’s, social media has developed into the perfect storm for businesses of all sizes to gain exposure and precisely target their desired audience in a way was not possible before the internet. As a result, social platforms are constantly adapting around advances in technology and changes in modern communication. Facebook, which started as an online forum for college students, has changed into the largest social platform the world has ever seen.

Businesses have taken advantage of this social media powerhouse to promote their company and create their own information hubs that bring the relationship of consumer and company closer than ever before. Facebook, however, believes that their primary purpose is to build relationships between friends and family. Since bringing business to Facebook has created a domino effect among companies everywhere over the past few years, Facebook is putting their foot down and changing the way that information from company pages is saturating new feeds of Facebook users everywhere.

Reach For Business Posts Will Go Down

Change: One of the quickest ways that Facebook can reduce business-related posts in a newsfeed is by reducing the number of people that see them. Before this change, users who ‘liked’ a company page would automatically ‘follow’ the company’s information, making it readily available on their news feed every time something new was posted. That is no longer the case. Starting this calendar year, when a user likes a page, they have to also manually follow that page in order to see the page’s content in their news feed. How to be proactive about it: Believe it or not, there ARE ways to make sure your posts show up on user’s news feed. If you’re a business, Facebook advertising is going to be your new best friend.

Videos Are Your New ‘Bread and Butter’

Change: Encouraging engagement on your posts is no longer as simple as telling people to ‘like,’ ‘comment’ or ‘tag a friend.’ Facebook filters out posts with these three key phrases and avoids them from showing up on a user’s news feed in order to keep what they call ‘engagement baiters’ from gaining traction on a post that would otherwise be uninteresting to the user. How to be proactive about it: Instead of breaking a sweat by trying to take a photo that says a million words, video is simple and can be created from any smartphone. Not only do videos allow you to put more information into one post, they perform significantly better than photos in every category. Videos are also more visually stimulating and will lead to more user curiosity.


Conclusion: Your Social Media Needs Some TLC

There is no longer an effective way to half-heartedly post to social media. If you want your business to gain proper exposure and yield conversions in your business from the world of social media, you’re going to need a helping hand. Not sure where to begin? Let us work with you directly to let you know how far your budget can take your business online!




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