Content Creation – The Art vs. The Science

Content Creation - The Art vs. The ScienceAs is every endeavor, content creation is both an art and a science.  Different content developers may argue the various aspects of each, but clearly, there is a mix.  If we think of the science element as the quantitative parameters – the format, length, keywords for SEO, essentials that need to be conveyed (like the Who/What/When/ Where/Why/How in the Inverted Pyramid), and the art more about the style of the piece – what approaches does the content creator use to engage? – the dual-aspect contrast is evident.

Of course, the art vs. science relationship is really two sides of the same coin, and the truth of the matter is that different content developers – as is true in any discipline –are usually better with one facet or the other to some degree.  Some thrive at the ‘science’ side, creating consistent and effective content that hits every box on the proverbial checklist, while others are more skilled at the ‘art’ of content creation, which may cause a dip in some consistency at times but may, conversely, increase their chances of hitting the content ‘home run.’

Content Creation - The Art vs. The Science

The truth of the matter is that an effective content creator needs proficiency in each of the aspects.  When you determine or accept (for the time being at least) which element you are more comfortable with and more skilled at, it leads to the question of whether you should spend more time trying to improve your weaker area or devote the majority of your focus on developing your comparative advantage to an even higher level.  There are numerous answers to the conundrum, and a good case can be made for each.  A balance must be sought and discovered, but there certainly isn’t a patent on the answer.  These concerns are by no means only related to content creation.  Like most of the great macro-questions in life, they can be applied in almost any imaginable micro-sense.

Content Creation - The Art vs. The ScienceAdd to these views the vast range of what ‘content’ actually encompasses, and you have a whole other debate to ponder.  Seven people might give you seven different answers: it’s information, it’s graphics supported by the text, it’s a short post, it’s a long white paper, it’s a cinemagraph, it’s a video, it’s a script, it’s a blog.  And of course, none of these answers would be wrong.  We at Steven James do each of these examples listed and more!  Let us know how we can help you with any and all of your content needs.  Be sure to continue to follow our blog and we’ll discuss these content questions and everything else under the multi-media sun!



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