Celebrating Independence Day – Rochester, NY

There is something about July 4th that makes it perhaps the most exuberant of all holidays. Celebrating Independence Day in Rochester NY is a combination of pride, joy, expectation, and pure fun, which makes it so special. While we definitely honor the courage of our fore-bearers, it is not a day to remember the fallen as much as to celebrate their spirit of derring-do and desire for freedom. Coupled with our readiness to embrace the summer (especially for us in the northern climates) and the spectacle of fireworks, it is a glorious holiday.

Celebrating Independence Day

There is certainly no shortage of events both on Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th – extending to the end of the week with the RPO performing out at SUNY Geneseo on Friday evening in case you don’t have a chance to catch their performance downtown on the Main Street Bridge at 9 PM the night of the Fourth itself.


Monday, July 3rd features some annual favorites. The residents out at Conesus Lake participate in the Ring of Fire. Starting at dusk, thousands of flares are lit around the lake, creating a beautiful spectacle, followed by a traditional fireworks show. Farmington will have music at 7 PM and fireworks at dusk. Irondequoit has a whole host of activities on both the 3rd and 4th of July. There will be a crafts festival, both a 10K and 2-mile fun run, a parade, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, and a pie-eating contest! To really get a sense of the spirit of the holiday, there will be a Naturalization Ceremony on the steps of the Town Hall as America welcomes her newest citizens. This is a great opportunity to show young and old alike the personification of the American Dream.


The City of Rochester continues its tradition of civic pride with its Independence Day celebration. The Judah Sealy Band will kick off the festivities with a set at 7:30 PM. Judah is a much in-demand saxophone player and keyboardist from the Flower City. In addition to his concert performances, Judah teaches music at Destiny Christian School and is the Music Director at Church Of Love Faith Center.

At 9 PM the RPO will be led by conductor Ward Stare to play American favorites that will reflect the spirit of independence that continues to burn in our nation. The fireworks will light up the night at 10 PM over the mighty Genesee River. The festivities will take place on the Main Street Bridge, between Exchange Street and South Avenue.


All of these activities will infuse our national birthday with a distinctive local flare.  Find one of your favorite vantage points, enjoy the events, and take pride in our American heritage!

The Fourth of July tells an amazing story of America and its history. Have a story you want to tell? We can help.



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