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October Staff Selections – Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences

October Staff Selections - Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences

A couple of weeks back, we blogged about the importance of tapping various intelligences and learning styles in content creation.  As a follow-up, we thought it would be interesting to check with a few members of our Steven James’ staff to see how they rate their own strengths.  Involving staff and finding out information related…

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September Staff Selections: Words of Wisdom

As is our practice, once a month at Steven James we ask some of our staff to chime in on a subject or list one of their favorites on any given topic.   This month we inquired about any particular sayings or words of wisdom that hold a special place in the minds and hearts of…

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August Staff Selections – Hobbies & Pastimes

As we do each month, the staff at Steven James shares individuals’ favorites.  We find it an interesting way to reveal to our clients and potential clients a little bit of our personal side that may inform our professional roles.  It also is an opportunity to learn more about each other, and — we believe…

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