Block Party Wrap Up

Two weeks ago on October 8th, the Saint Paul Quarter threw its inaugural block party – and we say inaugural because it was so much fun, participants have already agreed that we’re going to do it again!

The early morning started cloudy and threatened a bit of rain, but by the time we kicked off the party at 1 p.m. it was a beautiful autumn day.  People first stopped in to our Steven James offices at 189 Water Street, Suites 100 and 200.  It was great to see residents, business owners, and clients alike!  People met and chatted and took a look at our offices.  We received a lot of compliments on the interior design that was done by one of our long-time collaborators, John Haldupis.  John was the artistic director at Black Friars Theatre for many years before turning his focus full-time on his corporate, theatrical, and interior design business.  He also operates a retail showroom and studio in conjunction with the design business, A Horse With Wings.   After checking out our offices and meeting our managing partner James Pavone, marketing director Sharon Kunkel (the driving force behind the block party!) and others among our Steven James collective, visitors received a Steven James travel mug and then picked up their map of the various businesses participating in the block party.


Each of the eight businesses stamped the back of the visitors’ cards when they stopped in.  Completed cards were collected by the last stop each person made and returned to Steven James offices so they could be included for raffle prizes.  Simply put, each of the stops on the tour was super.  Here are a number of things I learned as I did the tour:  Cypherworx is an exciting company that partners with various entities around the nation in developing and distributing quality training programs for a wide variety of enterprises.   Buckingham Properties has beautiful loft and studio apartments in their complex called The Hive right on St. Paul.  Tapas 177 Lounge is one of the longest-running business in the entire St. Paul Quarter, thriving on its great food and atmosphere for 21 years now.  John Larkin’s Studio 180 is a stunning space, impeccably decorated – after a few minutes visiting my wife was already telling me we have to rent it for an

event.  What event I’m not certain, but I’m quite confident she will create one.  Scotland Yard Pub has a gorgeous long wooden bar – and their Halloween decorations are fabulous.   Funk-N-Waffles has a cool vibe with interesting artistic touches and a creative menu with a wide variety of choices – many featuring their signature waffle.   And Pane Vino?  What can be said except the Artichoke French and pizzas they had out for the block party visitors were out of this world.  The entire restaurant, from the bar to the inside décor and tables to the outside dining courtyard make it one of the very best restaurants in town – and another stop on the tour my wife informed me we would be returning to in the near future!


Many gathered back at Steven James after their tours were complete, and it was simply what we had hoped for – a relaxed atmosphere on a beautiful autumn day with old and new friends alike.  We are thrilled to be part of the Saint Paul Quarter and look forward to growing with our neighbors in the year to come!

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