Should Your Business Be Using Podcasts?


In any industry, positioning your business as a thought leader among your competitors should be a key objective of a successful marketing strategy. As a thought leader, your business is on the cutting edge of trends, news, and changes within your industry. A great way to accomplish this is through a strategic content marketing strategy. That being said, any successful content marketing strategy adapts and experiments with new mediums and ideas. An alternate content medium that your business may want to consider is podcasting. 44% of the US population has listened to a podcast and 80% of listeners listen to an entire podcast episode or most of the episode. Here are a few reasons why podcasts would make a great addition to your content strategy:

Easy To Create

Creating a podcast is simple, and can be less time consuming than other content marketing tactics. This is especially true when you have a studio to use for recording. To create an episode you simply need to pick a topic that is relevant to your industry or a trending topic that plays to the interests of your target audience (we picked movies) and record yourself speaking about it. The beauty of a podcast is that it isn’t live so you always have the option to go back and edit it later.

Build Trust And Relationships

Giving your target audience new information and ideas will help them build confidence in your business. Furthermore, hearing your voice will make it easier for them to build a connection with you. says that “Podcasts help your target market feel as if they already know you on an individual level.” Finally, it is also highly common for podcast listeners to subscribe and listen to multiple episodes if they like what they are hearing.

Create Conversions


Just like with any other content marketing tactic, you can put a call to action in your podcast that drives listeners to visit your website, sign up for your newsletter, visit your store, etc. Essentially, you are able to prove your value to potential customers and encourage them to take immediate action.

We believe that podcasts are a great way to tell your story. In fact, we are officially introducing a podcast of our very own: Movie Club. Each episode, we will announce a movie to watch and discuss for the next time.  Join us for honest opinions, friendly banter and perspectives from special guests that work in the movie and film industry.  Be sure to follow our FB page for dates and times.

Steven James is equipped with a recording studio that is perfect for creating podcasts and more. Learn about all of our capabilities and connect with us so that we can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level.



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